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Any questions? Fancy a chat?

We’re always up for talking about Arnie.M (it’s the proud parent thing). So if you want to know a bit more about our modular-work-life-balanced-workspace-that’s-also-a-seriously-lovely-piece-of-furniture, give us a call or drop us an email.

Like we’ve already said, Arnie.M is designed to be precisely what you need, and we’re happy to talk about that till the cows come home. But if you’ve already decided on your ideal mix of units, we’re ready to tell you how much it’ll cost.

Customise it.

Arnie.M is all about adaptability and fitting in with you. Yours will always be a pretty bespoke solution, because you call all the shots.

But you can go even more bespoker (is that even a word?) if you like.

Maybe the location you have in mind for your Arnie.M is a tad too small for a standard unit… perhaps you fancy a flourish of colour, or some kind of tweak that will just make everything peachy-perfect for you.

If you do want a custom build, we’ll need to chat through those requirements with you before we can give a definite cost. Just give us a shout and let’s see what we can do.


We can quote you a price on standard Arnie.M units, quick as you like. Tell us what configuration you fancy – for instance:

Frame, legs, small door unit, desk unit, plus a pegboard unit, whatever – and we’ll get back with the price.

Delivery-wise, we quote individually for every order. So please let us know whether you’re in Cambridge, or way up there at Cape Wrath.

That said, we’re more than happy for you to arrange your own courier too. Or maybe you’re close enough to Manchester to come and pick up your Arnie.M under your own steam.


Once you’ve looked at the quote and you’re happy to order, we’ll raise an invoice. And as soon as that’s paid we can set the guys to work on your Arnie.M.

Lead times.

Your Arnie.M is built from scratch here in Manchester, so it’s going to take 4–6 weeks to carefully craft it. Obviously we’ll keep you up to date with progress through that period.

Hang on, who the hell is Mr.M?

Arnie.M is the son of Mr.M ideas studio, so that’s why Mr.M appears on the invoice. That’s all there is to it – there’s no funny off-shore-tax-dodgy-asset-stripping business going on here…